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R & D Outsourcing

Compandent creates leading-edge innovative DSP algorithms and implementations for your next generation telecom products, including voice compression, multimedia, packet networks, baseband wireless, and RF systems.

Working with our clients and partners, we develop advanced and innovative technologies for OEM, professional, and consumer products. Together we build effective programmable DSP, PC based, or ASIC implementations.

Technology Licensing  

  • MELPe / MELP Vocoder at 2400, 1200 & 600 bps The MELPe - Enhanced Mixed-Excitation Linear Predictive (MELP) vocoder, known as military standard MIL-STD-3005 and NATO STANAG 4591, is a triple-rate low rate coder that operates at 2400, 1200 and 600 bps. Compandent has participated in the research, development, and implementation of the MELPe. And now, Compandent's world-class expertise in speech coding and savvy DSP expertise have taken the MELPe to the next level, the Compandent MELPe suite (a.k.a MELPe++ or MELPe-Plus-Plus). Compandent's MELPe produces better quality than the standard reference! Compandent has also greatly improved and optimized the code. Compandent has ported MELPe to various DSPs by Texas Instruments such as TMS320c54xx, TMS320c55xx, TMS320c64xx, C64x+, C674x, C672x, and OMAP (c55x based, c64x+ based (L-137, L-138) etc..), Analog Devices BlackFin ADSP-BF561 and TigerSharc (TS101, TS20x, etc.), ARM, Android, iOS , and GHS PowerPC. Compandent's MELPe is also "Packetized-Netweork-Ready". You may listen to its audio demo in clean, noisy, and various Frame-Erasure-Rate (FER) conditions. Compandent also created multi-channel & multi-thread POSIX compliant MELPe real-time implementation for various operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Windows PC, Apple, etc.. Download Compandent c54xx, c55xx OMAP MELPe's Fact Sheet and c64x c64+, c674c, OMAP, ARM Fact Sheet MELPe Fact Sheet in PDF format See also Compandent MELPe FAQ's, our Customer Reviews, and Note to Defense Contractor Management and Engineering. Compandent offers low-cost Data-Terminal Equipment (DTE) such as FLEXI-232 and FLEXI-PC104 for interfacing MELPe vocoders with external devices such as Rockwell Collins MDM-3001 and other modems.
  • EchoKiller: Advanced Acoustic Echo Canceler For high quality hand-free phones, and teleconferencing, Compandent has developed proprietary algorithm for acoustic echo cancellation, The EchoKiller, which excels in extremely fast convergence for music and speech signal. EchoKiller is an excellent solution, and can be added on as a library to any existing application such as VoIP PC client software for Call Centers to provide high quality and pleasant communication between customers and Customer Service Representatives. Download EchoKiller's Fact Sheet EchoKiller Fact Sheet in PDF format
  • NoiseMuter: Adaptive Noise Suppressor Compandent also offers NoiseMuter - a real-time implementations of Adaptive Noise Cancellation (ANC) or Adaptive Noise Suppression (ANS) for enhancment of noisy speech, having various types of background noise such as car noise etc.. NoiseMuter was designed as add-on software module to enable noise-free communication for VOIP, wireless and other applications. NoiseMuter is available for PC and DSP platforms. Audio demo of NoiseMuter is available. Download NoiseMuter's Fact Sheet IntellInteractor Fact Sheet in PDF format
  • ComPacketer: High Quality 2.8 kbps Vocoder Compandent's world-class expertise in speech coding algorithms has led to a new generation of proprietary low rate compression algorithms, The ComPacketer, that lead the state-of-the-art.
  • ErrorCombater: Patented Method For Improving Compression Quality In Packetized Networks Compandent invented a new technique, The ErrorCombater, for improving robustness, and hence quality, of coded signals for degraded transmission channel, or storage.
  • IntellInteractor: Innovative Service/System To Save You Time When Interacting With IVR such as Directory Assistant Compandent has developed a new method and system, The IntellInteractor, that can reduce the time spent on, cost involved with, distraction caused by, and need to being put on hold, and/or the need to manually operate or respond to the common automated voice/tone-enabled services such as directory assistance. This novel invention is greatly beneficial to consumers and businesses. Download IntellInteractor's Fact Sheet IntellInteractor Fact Sheet in PDF format
  • Standard Vocoders Real-Time Implementations Compandent provides real-time implementation of speech coding standards, for DSP and PC in the form of library, DLL, etc..

Contribution and Support For Speech Coding Standards

Compandent has participated in the research, development, and implementation of the Enhanced Mixed-Excitation Linear Predictive (MELPe) vocoder, which operates at 2400, 1200 & 600 bps. Compandent provides real-time software and hardware related to the MELPe vocoder on various DSPs such as TI's TMS320c54xx, TMS320c55xx, TMS320c64xx, C64x+ (such as C674x C672x etc.), and OMAP (c55x based, c64x+ based etc..). Compandent's MELPe suite produces better quality than the standard reference!

Download MELPe Package Fact Sheet MELPe Package Fact Sheet in PDF format


Technology Expert for Patent Infringement and Related Matters

Dr. Oded Gottesman is world-class expert, experienced in working with leading law firms, providing expert witness services, prior art searching, and related consulting for patent infringement, trade secret disputes, and related matters. Among his areas of expertise are speech and audio processing, signal compression, DSP, telecommunications, algorithms, software, and implementation. For more infrmation please refer to http://www.patXpert.com .



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Compandent Inc Receives 2009-2015 Best of Goleta Award

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON D.C., June 4, 2015 -- Compandent Inc has been selected for the 2015 Best of Goleta Award in the Telephone Communications category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).


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